Premium Consultation + Booking

Our Fee: $25.00 fee due to Inkgeeks for premium consultation and booking with the artist you choose! This includes $12.50 for the premuim consult and $12.50 for us to contact and book you with the artist.

Refund: If we are unable to book you with the choice artist for any reason we will search for different artist for your approval or we will refund you $12.50.
Artist Desposit Fee: Most artists have a deposit fee, so whatever they charge will be in addition to Inkgeeks $25.00 fee.

Time: Please give us 3-5 business days to respond to your request.

* Please note: InkGeeks cannot be held liable by any dissatisfaction after the transaction between client and artist is complete.

Online Consultation

Please fill out this form and someone from our organization will contact you shortly.

Location Information

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Tattoo Instructions

Please describe your tattoo to the best of your ability.

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Premium Online Consultation+ Booking Fee: