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Millions of women are affected by breast cancer each day;it could be a family member, friend, or loved one.. We want to y’all use our platform for women to share their testimony about cancer awareness to encourage other women, give women the m confidence to express them selves through art, and let...

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Growing number of people want Mahomes tattoos

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Squid Ink

Virgin Voyages announced today that the Scarlet Lady will have a tattoo studio aboard, Squid Ink. The venue will also offer body piercing. 

Virgin Voyages teamed up with the ink industry gurus from World Famous Tattoo Ink, according to a statement. 

“Tattooing is a time-honored seafaring tra...

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Can you believe vagina tattoos is still most searched content?? When it comes to getting tattoos, there's nothing off limits! Enjoy.

Tattoo artists in order:

1. Mansikkaatu

2. callum_parr

3. Billygunztattooer (Artist on

4. kls_amt

5. Shaded_skull

6. neversettleforlesstatt...

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