Tattoo Artists

Supporting our local tattoo artists is very important to us and that is why we link you to the independent artists on our site. Your business can help them flourish and grow their business to something great. We Also have our very own InkGeeks artists who are amazing artists with friendly personalities, and you can count on them for a great tattoo job. The artists who wish to enter our site to promote their business and gain possible clients must pass portfolio approval. Once the artist or shop’s portfolio has been looked at and given the go ahead, we make you a profile. The profile includes your name/your shop's name, where you are located, and how they can reach you. If you go to our website’s testimonies page you can see that this website not only benefits the clients by connecting them to artists, but also benefits the artists by giving them a new stream of clients and a new stream of income. When you join Inkgeeks to promote your tattoo business, we help you spread the word about your work and let people know about any tattoo specials you might have going on at the time.

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