Inkgeeks Tattoos

Every tattoo is different from the smallest pinprick of red to a second pinprick two millimeters away. We thrive on individuality and our tattoos are unique and specialized to fit your perfect tattoo. We have various categories of Inkgeeks tattoos. The first and simplest category being whether you prefer your tattoo in black and grey or color. The more specified styles include geometric tattoos, cover-up tattoos, illustrative/new school tattoos, Japanese (Irezumi) tattoos, neo-traditional tattoos, surrealism tattoos, traditional tattoos, trash polka tattoos, watercolor tattoos, and of course specialty tattoos. The black and grey tattoos use only shades of black ink while the color tattoos use color realism to make them pop out and grab your attention. The cover up style is common as you get to get rid of a tattoo you regret and get some cool new ink.The geometric style is calculated and meaningful as well as usually fairly intricate. The sort of new school and illustrative categories are mainly along the lines of an animated aesthetic look. Japanese and Irezumi tattoos are less common nowadays but are still a fascinating style with a rich cultural history. Traditional and Neo-Traditional feature solid outlines with bold colors, however the neo-traditional style uses more vibrant colors while the traditional colors are more limited. Living imagery and animals are more commonly portrayed using Neo-traditionalism. Surrealism is standardized as free art that uses juxtaposition which gives it an effect of a distorted reality. The variety of tattoo that is commonly referred to as trash polka is beautiful in its chaos. It combines natural and realistic art to form a college of disarray. Contrary to the trash polka, watercolor tattoos are more of a subtle and soft style which adds to its sunrise-like look. If you don’t feel like any of these styles is a fit for you, don't worry. You have plenty of time to choose what you want on your body, and if you feel you know exactly what you want we offer specialty tattoos as well.

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