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Drug Detox Costa Mesa

Undergo drug detox in Costa Mesa, and you will see a new hope emerging from your experience with our treatment. Clear Life Recovery perfectly understands how difficult to endure addiction is. For this reason, we redouble our efforts to help you achieve a life without dependency. Sobriety is achievable, and there is hope for addicts – that’s what we teach and preach.

What rehab program should I choose?

First and foremost, you should know what rehab programs you can choose. We have several available for you:

  • Residential treatment program
  • Detox program
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Men’s addiction treatment program
  • Women’s addiction treatment program
  • A smart recovery treatment program
  • Non-12-step treatment program
  • A young adult treatment program
  • LGBTQ addiction program
  • Depression treatment program

Each of these treatment programs has its own process and principles, and you should choose the most suitable one. For instance, if you want a more intensive treatment, then you should choose the residential treatment program. We will hospitalize you in our center, provide excellent living conditions, counseling sessions, and a comprehensive treatment program. This includes detox, medication-assisted treatment, therapy, and holistic remedies.

Regain your life back

Generally, addicts become so embroiled in their suffering that they forget how to take care of themselves. They become desensitized, lose their reason, and become passive observers of their suffering. For this reason, our Life Skills Training Program becomes paramount to their successful recovery. We will support you in getting your life back from the clutches of dependency and addiction.

When your quality of life deteriorates steadily because of addiction, it’s time to face the truth – you need treatment and therapy. Fortunately, our drug detox in Costa Mesa is exceptionally efficient in cases such as yours. Besides focusing on treating your addiction through medication and treatment, we also promote life skills training. That’s where we teach you how to deal with the many stress-inducing factors of your life.

Find hope with rehab

For many addicts, completing their first rehab program leads to a feeling of immense satisfaction and accomplishment. This results from their commitment to this cause, and from the support they’ve received during the process.

However, some people react differently and can’t overcome anxiety, anger, and the feeling of isolation. For this very reason, we will put you through life skills training. We will help you readapt to the real world, patch your wounds, and teach you to stop neglecting certain areas in your life.

What is cognitive-behavioral therapy?

The drug detox in Costa Mesa continues with CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. This involves talk therapy that emphasizes personal transformation and alteration of negative behaviors. We aim to identify the attitudes and behaviors related to addiction and change them in their entirety.

A key difference between CBT and other forms of talk therapy is that, with CBT, we focus on the present, rather than the past. We derive potential solutions to existing issues, and we apply them immediately to the addict. At Clear Life Recovery, we also teach our patients to develop the skills necessary to prevent relapsing and live an accomplishing life.

Drug Detox Costa Mesa
Drug Detox Costa Mesa
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