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Alcohol Rehab Lancaster

Alcohol Rehab Lancaster

Alcohol addiction is a more dangerous condition than most people believe since, when untreated, it quickly becomes a family disorder. New Day Rehab Center offers you the opportunity to treat your disorder in a comfortable and safe environment under our competent rehab clinicians' continuous supervision.

The ultimate Lancaster drug and alcohol detox treatment

The perfect rehabilitation program needs to check several essential boxes. These include:

  • Patient-oriented detoxification – The detox process is vital for safe and balanced recovery from addiction, allowing patients to overcome the withdrawal while flushing the alcohol-related toxins from their bodies. It lasts around three to 14 days, depending on your disorder's type and severity, and will allow you to control your cravings and change your behavior and thinking patterns. We resort to patient-oriented detox for the ideal results, tailoring the treatment to their unique recovery goals and needs.
  • Sub-acute detox – The sub-acute detox is a core component of our drug and alcohol treatment in Lancaster, PA, designed to deal with the withdrawal's lingering effects. These may last up to several weeks after the main detox phase completes, often causing the patients to relapse after treatment. Our professionals ensure top medical care, therapy, and counseling during the 30-day detox and rehab period, preventing the relapse and allowing you to recover and heal.
  • The staff-patient relationship – We believe that empathy, understanding, and a friendly attitude can go a long way in helping patients recover and embrace long-term sobriety. Our drug and alcohol rehab in Lancaster effectively helps people feel safe, comfortable, and loved, which is invaluable when fighting severe substance addiction.
  • In-depth medical detox and recovery support – Our Lancaster detox centers rank among the most reliable and comprehensive detoxification facilities. We offer in-depth medical and psychiatric treatment, medication-assisted withdrawal management, counseling, and therapy for long-term sobriety and healthy living. These programs allow us to help patients control their problems over the years, avoid social triggers, and learn to embrace their strengths and positive attitude to achieve a better overall life.

Where to detox from alcohol addiction

If you're experiencing alcohol-related problems in your family, work, or society, finding immediate clinical and psychiatric help to cope with the issue is paramount for fast and safe recovery. You cannot control the disorder on your own, especially if you've been abusing alcohol for years, which will have changed your brain's chemical balanced drastically as a result. Our detox treatment center offers you the ideal rehabilitation experience, providing:

  • A safe recovery environment
  • 24/7 supervision and medical assistance
  • Patient-oriented therapy and counseling sessions
  • Long-term aftercare assistance and support
  • Relapse prevention education, etc.

Our goal is to help you rediscover yourself during our alcohol rehab in Lancaster and decide to walk on a better path in life. Call New Day Rehab Center, speak to our rehab expert, and make an appointment as soon as you can! You can now fight the withdrawal on your own terms and begin the recovery process in a supportive and welcoming setting.

Alcohol Rehab Lancaster

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