Jeff Holmes

Hi, my name is Jeff Holmes. My fiancè Carrie and I have 29yrs exp between the both of us. Body piercer, Paul Hockett 20+ yrs exp. And our apprentice Madelyn, who started on skin this year. About 6 mo. ago we moved to a much larger shop ( same neighborhood). Business has been real good from day one. Recently we lost an artist and have plenty of room for more. Looking for 1 - 2 more artist to work as independent contractors. Anyone who who come to get tattooed at our shop from finding us here will receive an additional 10% off your tattoo or piercing. You can also call or message us by going to this link from facebook: KalamalkaINK We really look forward to hearing from you. Come by anytime Tue - Sat

Kalamalka INK Tattoo

Address: 1315 Girard St Ste 101 Bellingham, Washington 98225
Phone Number: (360)-656-5454