About Us

Why we chose to create this business

InkGeeks LLC, was established in 2013 for the purpose of potentially connecting artists and clients. The inspiration for the creation of this site comes from personal experiences. We've found it can be difficult to locate a quality artist without having any information to rely on besides word of mouth. It was this problem that spawned the idea of InkGeeks. This site should be used as a guide and an essential tool for finding the right artist and style of tattoo for you. We try to incorporate all aspects of the tattoo industry/culture to help you form an insightful and informed opinion of what to expect when you have that initial thought of getting tattooed. Hopefully, you'll find the contents in InkGeeks helpful and reliable. Inkgeeks also serves to push forward the quality and culture of all non-traditional arts, while highlighting the positives of these respective genres.

The tattoo artists’ profiles will be displayed according to their states/cities/shops to make it more convenient for individuals to find quality artists in their respective areas.



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