Now introducing our first brand ambassador of @tattedcutiesofficial! (instagram handle) @sushilor is an inevitable international and touring DJ. She was born in Thailand and has branded her own name by djing in numerous cities and countries, including Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Hous...

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#Tattedcutie is about empowering all women to be proud of their bodies. We would like to help lead the way to end body-shaming and judging. Whether you have ink or thinking about getting inked, even if your body has gone through extraordinary circumstances be proud of who you are! Matt and Me...

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What:The first Tattoo & Fitness expo Integrating lifestyles and cultures. 


When: Sept 27-29th

Where: Anaheim Convention 

Contact Tattoos_by_raccoon or Theshowexpo2019 on instagram for booth and sponsorships 


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Meet Van from Black Ink Chicago

Black Ink CHI: Van Opens His Own Tattoo Shop

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One Colorado man sealed the deal with more than a ring.

Vinny Capaldo-Smith tricked his now-fiancée, Brooke Wodark, into inking on him her answer to his marriage-proposal.

The moment was caught on camera as tattoo artist Capaldo-Smith, 30, talked Wodark, 23, into tattooing a heart on his ankle. N...

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We interviewed independent tattoo artist, Art Lewis from Milwaukee. He has very unique approach to tattooing his clients. Art has tattooed everybody from upcoming artist IshDarr to Drake’s manager Jas Prince.

Can you tell us about your background?

A. Well I've always been somewhat of an arti...

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We had the chance to interview Rob Simas Jr. (@rob_beast_tat2 instagram name) at Richmond St. Tattoo where we asked spoke exclusively about UV tattoos.

What's UV ink?

A. UV ink is not to be confused with glow in the dark ink. You need a black light or a very bright light to see a reaction to it.

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