@horror_cosmic & @beautythroughthebeast beautiful pictures ladies...Millions of women are affected by breast cancer each day;it could be a family member, friend, or loved one.. We want to y’all use our platform for women to share their testimony about cancer awareness to encourage other wome...

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By: Rebecca Davis

Nicole was only 23 when she had a double mastectomy following a breast cancer diagnosis. After she recovered, Nicole got a chest tattoo that symbolizes how she wants to live life after cancer.

<iframe src="https://www.npr.org/player/embed/543477483/543477484" width="100%" height=...

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She is a proud owner of over fifty tattoos.

And 18-year-old Paris Jackson added two others to the mix on Sunday as she took to her Instagram story to film the experience at the tattoo shop.

Along with her best friend, Prudence Brando, the daughter of late Michael Jackson inked 'stay north' behind ...

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By Rachel McRady

Out with the old, in with the new! Amber Rose took to social media on Wednesday to show off her gigantic new arm tattoo.

“My new tattoo. Great job @nikkohurtado,” Rose captioned a pic of the new body art.

The enormous tatt is located on Rose’s forearm and features a large d...

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