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By: Graham Womack

Tom Frame sat in a north Roseville fast food restaurant, a fresh bandage on his left arm.

After many years of consideration, the 72-year-old Sun City Roseville resident had just gotten his first tattoo, a depiction of “End of the Trail,” a Waupun, Wisconsin sculpture showing ...

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When it comes tattoos in the modern times, nothing is off limits. Due the popularity of the content we present vagina tattoos part 6. Enjoy lol!


Interesting! Done by @rachelmkong



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She is a proud owner of over fifty tattoos.

And 18-year-old Paris Jackson added two others to the mix on Sunday as she took to her Instagram story to film the experience at the tattoo shop.

Along with her best friend, Prudence Brando, the daughter of late Michael Jackson inked 'stay north' behind ...

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