As a barber in Pakistan, Ali Hassan makes extra money by cutting artistic designs into camels' hair. The designs increase the value of the camels, which typically go on to be sold for the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Azha.

Ny Post

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An exhibition in Falmouth, UK, captures the creepy fascination of tattoos, while showing that they are not just artwork but performances


Paul Abbitt

Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed, National Maritime Museum, Falmouth, UK, to 7 January 2018

TURN left as you enter Tattoo: Briti...

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Illustrations by Molly Crabapple and narrated by Shawn Carter

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When it comes tattoos in the modern times, nothing is off limits. Due the popularity of the content we present vagina tattoos part 6. Enjoy lol!


Interesting! Done by @rachelmkong



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Sperry sent tattoo artists Eva Huber and Rob Hotte on an odyssey to discover more about the art of tattooing and a culture that is rich with tattoo history and sea based adventures.

Learn about Eva & Rob's odyssey in the links below #sperryink #odysseyproject

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