Squid Ink

Virgin Voyages announced today that the Scarlet Lady will have a tattoo studio aboard, Squid Ink. The venue will also offer body piercing. 

Virgin Voyages teamed up with the ink industry gurus from World Famous Tattoo Ink, according to a statement. 

“Tattooing is a time-honored seafaring tra...

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Posted by Matthew Lawson on Oct 20, 2018

Can you believe vagina tattoos is still most searched content?? When it comes to getting tattoos, there's nothing off limits! Enjoy.

Tattoo artists in order:

1. Mansikkaatu

2. callum_parr

3. Billygunztattooer (Artist on Inkgeekstattoos.com)

4. kls_amt

5. Shaded_skull

6. neversettleforlesstatt...

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Rp: @missmaelaroux😱 Seriously! I know, right?!? No more “I wish you lived closer” excuses, because not only will you get a dream tattoo and a vacation to WDW, but I’ll be paying you to come to me! If you’re the lucky winner you’ll receive-✨A single session Disney tattoo to ...

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By: Priscilla Galvez and Jeff Pavlopoulos · CBC Arts ·

Callen Schaub brings his skills out of the studio and into our art-making space at the CBC Music Festival

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Meet Van from Black Ink Chicago

Black Ink CHI: Van Opens His Own Tattoo Shop

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@horror_cosmic & @beautythroughthebeast beautiful pictures ladies...Millions of women are affected by breast cancer each day;it could be a family member, friend, or loved one.. We want to y’all use our platform for women to share their testimony about cancer awareness to encourage other wome...

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Can you believe vagina tattoos is still most searched content?? Enjoy. Tattoo artists in order:

1. Mansikkaatu

2. Never settle for less tattoo

3. Bear_poketattoo

4. Chuckie_finster1

5. Andrea_scollo_tattooartist

6. Grosstattoos on @playgrrrrl

7. Inspector_handpoke

8. Simonesbam

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😈! Still our searched content on the Arts & Times blog! Tattoo artists are in order

1. Pamc.tattoo

2. ??

3. Tattoos_by_bart

4. Javierguarin1

5. Kwoodtattoo

6. ?!

7. Bleedingheartink

8. Lou.lou.poison

9. Noksitattoo

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Epic! @andyblancotattoo @jacobzamore @tatmush and @kimgidlund!

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😈! Still our searched content on the Arts & Times blog! Tattoo artists are in order 

  1. Mina_dprs 😳
  2. Mara_yuma
  3. Noksitattoo 
  4. Anaisbtattoo
  5. Mf_ivan
  6. Benjaminlaukus
  7. Anaisbtattoo 
  8. Mia.gonzales13

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By Rommel Conclara

WALNUT CREEK, California - While it has become a tradition that professional athletes celebrate a championship with champagne showers, two-time NBA champion Stephen Curry and his family had another idea: getting tattoos.

It was Pinoy tattoo artist Nino Lapid who had the opportun...

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Milwaukee Tattoo Arts Convention


Friday, September 15th 2017 - Sunday, September 17th 2017
InkGeeks at Milwaukee Tattoo Arts Convention
All Day


$20 Day / $40 3-Day Pass


Tickets are only sold at the show
Children under 12 are free


No MC or Gang Colors




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As a barber in Pakistan, Ali Hassan makes extra money by cutting artistic designs into camels' hair. The designs increase the value of the camels, which typically go on to be sold for the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Azha.

Ny Post

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By: Graham Womack

Tom Frame sat in a north Roseville fast food restaurant, a fresh bandage on his left arm.

After many years of consideration, the 72-year-old Sun City Roseville resident had just gotten his first tattoo, a depiction of “End of the Trail,” a Waupun, Wisconsin sculpture showing ...

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By: Rebecca Davis

Nicole was only 23 when she had a double mastectomy following a breast cancer diagnosis. After she recovered, Nicole got a chest tattoo that symbolizes how she wants to live life after cancer.

<iframe src="https://www.npr.org/player/embed/543477483/543477484" width="100%" height=...

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An exhibition in Falmouth, UK, captures the creepy fascination of tattoos, while showing that they are not just artwork but performances


Paul Abbitt

Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed, National Maritime Museum, Falmouth, UK, to 7 January 2018

TURN left as you enter Tattoo: Briti...

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One Colorado man sealed the deal with more than a ring.

Vinny Capaldo-Smith tricked his now-fiancée, Brooke Wodark, into inking on him her answer to his marriage-proposal.

The moment was caught on camera as tattoo artist Capaldo-Smith, 30, talked Wodark, 23, into tattooing a heart on his ankle. N...

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BREMERTON, Wash. — Kitsap Humane says it is investigating after receiving multiple complaints that a local tattoo artist had tattooed his dog.

Q13 News reporter Jamie Tompkins spoke with the tattoo artist on Facebook. Q13 News isn’t naming him because he hasn’t been charged with a crime.


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Illustrations by Molly Crabapple and narrated by Shawn Carter

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By Blaire Monroe

This Is The Woman Responsible For 300 Of Lil Wayne’s TattoosLil Wayne’s former tattoo artist, Dow Hokoana, has built her life around the motto, “Follow the adventure.” In doing so, the 51-year-old mother of two secured the job of her dreams: professional tattooer to the stars. Though Hokoana, a Bay Area native, started off as a...

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When it comes tattoos in the modern times, nothing is off limits. Due the popularity of the content we present vagina tattoos part 6. Enjoy lol!


Interesting! Done by @rachelmkong



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By: Markham Heid

Tattoos are more popular than ever. Roughly half of millennials have one, as do 36% of Gen Xers, according to a recent Harris poll. The number of Americans with at least one tattoo has jumped 50% in the past four years.

This explosion in popularity has led some health experts to...

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Sperry sent tattoo artists Eva Huber and Rob Hotte on an odyssey to discover more about the art of tattooing and a culture that is rich with tattoo history and sea based adventures.

Learn about Eva & Rob's odyssey in the links below #sperryink #odysseyproject


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We interviewed independent tattoo artist, Art Lewis from Milwaukee. He has very unique approach to tattooing his clients. Art has tattooed everybody from upcoming artist IshDarr to Drake’s manager Jas Prince.

Can you tell us about your background?

A. Well I've always been somewhat of an arti...

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We had the chance to interview Rob Simas Jr. (@rob_beast_tat2 instagram name) at Richmond St. Tattoo where we asked spoke exclusively about UV tattoos.

What's UV ink?

A. UV ink is not to be confused with glow in the dark ink. You need a black light or a very bright light to see a reaction to it.

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She is a proud owner of over fifty tattoos.

And 18-year-old Paris Jackson added two others to the mix on Sunday as she took to her Instagram story to film the experience at the tattoo shop.

Along with her best friend, Prudence Brando, the daughter of late Michael Jackson inked 'stay north' behind ...

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ONE MAN had the ultimate regret after waking up after a Hangover-style bender to find he had got the words “Party 2 Impact” tattooed on his eyelids.

The daredevil base jumper from Melbourne, named only as Jay, had the daring inking put on his eyes after a three-day drinking session in Mexico w...

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Ohio State University
Getting a tattoo may hurt, but giving one is no picnic, either. That's the finding of the first study ever to directly measure the physical stresses that lead to aches and pains in tattoo artists -- workers who support a multibillion-dollar American industry, but ...

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By Rachel McRady

Out with the old, in with the new! Amber Rose took to social media on Wednesday to show off her gigantic new arm tattoo.

“My new tattoo. Great job @nikkohurtado,” Rose captioned a pic of the new body art.

The enormous tatt is located on Rose’s forearm and features a large d...

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BOSTON -- Several people came into Boston Barber & Tattoo Co. on the day of New England Patriots Super Bowl victory parade seeking team tattoos, but one request was a little cheekier than the others.

A man, wearing a No. 12 Tom Brady jersey, wanted a likeness of the star quarterback on his backside...

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By David Gambacorta

Want to avoid being part of a social media firestorm? Start covering up. 

That's the gist of a new policy the Philadelphia Police Department has crafted for police officers who have tattoos and other forms of visible body art. The move comes five months after the department be...

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Get a tattoo AND raise money for #PlannedParenthood 🎀#PPParts

A video posted by 🐩🌸🐩 (@glandazuri) onFeb 8, 2017 at 11:46am PST

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