@jordanfeno ”Here’s an updated, no filter, naturally lighted video of my collection!! I think I’m at about 300 hours right now!! Can’t wait to get that right arm remodeled by my favorite artist of all time Nikko Hurtado in October, then finish up the cover up on my back in January or March! Hope you guys enjoy this look at my body suit in progress in the mean time.

Current artist list:

1. Guy from Idaho when I was 16 2. Lane from Idaho when I was 17 3. Juan ___ from an expo in Portland when I was 17 4. Guy from random spot in Vancouver can’t seem to remember the name of the artist or the shop haha. 5. Carrie from New Rose in Portland (first legal tattoo, I got like five or six “stickers” (tiny tattoos) from her but they’re either covered or about to be covered at this point) 6. Levit Ora (@Orks_tattoos) 7. Matt Jordan (@mattjordantattoo) (five sessions) 8. Cecil Porter (@cecilporterstudios) (three sessions) 9. Vic Vivid (@vicvivid) 10. Luke Palan (@lukepalantattoo) 11. Saul Lira (@saul_tat2) 12. Stefano Alcantera (@stefanoalcantera) (four sessions) 13. Kyle Cotterman (@kylecotterman) 14. Daniel Rocha (@danielrochatat2) 15. Vetoe (@vetoe) 16. Isaac Roman (@isaac_roman) (four sessions) 17. Bash (@bash_tattoo) 18. Fred Tattoo (@fred_tattoo) 19. Rok Ker (@rok_ker) 20. Denis Sivak (@sivak_) (five sessions) 21. Guy in Santa Barbara, it was a walk-in haha going against my number one own rule but it was inside my lip so doesn’t really matter since it won’t show and will probably disappear in a year or two. This was two days after the two day session on my crusifixion front piece by Matt Jordan, 100% spontaneous. 22. Jak Connolly (@jakconnollyart) (two sessions) 23. Nikko Hurtado (@nikkohurtado) (two sessions, 2 - 2.5 more full days in October”