Millions of women are affected by breast cancer each day;it could be a family member, friend, or loved one.. We want to use our platform for women to share their testimony about cancer awareness to encourage other women, give women the m confidence to express them selves through art, and let them know they're still TATTEDCUTIES! We understand the daily struggle of women living with cancer, so please send your tattoos, art, videos, or, letters and we'll post them our social media accounts to help other women! Click on the link to see the beautiful post mastectomy tattoos! Share with your family and friends to raise awareness! "Cancer is a word, not a sentence."-John Diamon! Tattoo artists are in order 1. Beautiful women showcasing their post mastectomy tattoos via inked 2. Shane willin (Artist on 3. Rickcvt 4. Lizalottaink 5. bossierthantheavgerage 6. Livingstorytattoo 7. Woman showcasing post mastectomy tattoo 8. ladylisadoll 9.Julielecuyer 10. Sausagekingtattoos 11. Shane willin (Artist on 12. allluckham