@meganjeanmorris: “@nikkohurtado and I finally got our final session on my Red Riding Hood back piece! This type of piece takes a massive amount of commitment on both sides, for me it was time money and pain lol!!! I am so proud of myself for finishing it up right even if it took me longer than I had planned. Life happens and it’s not always convenient. But I wanted to honor Nikko and his work and finish this piece all the way and also I see myself as someone who completes things and so it is important to me to feel completed with this massive artwork! Plus I LOVE IT! So over years I got a special friendship with my mentor and also get to wear his beautiful work within which I have many memories... 💙🙌🏼✨. Oh and I need to mention my thighs here too! Done by the sweet funny and cool AF artist @normloveletters who we all miss dearly ♥️RIP♥️” #inkgeeks