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Plastic Surgery San Francisco

Dr. Javaheri and his team provide the highest level of quality plastic surgery in San Francisco in their clinic with an outstanding commitment to patient care with a personal approach. Whether you are looking for improvements in the fact, body or breast, there are numerous options for you to choose from at the SF Plastic Surgeon.

Are you searching for non-surgical treatments? This type of procedure is becoming more and more popular among patients, therefore Dr. Javaheri strives to provide non-surgical, non-invasive treatments using the latest in-dustry technology and standards.

The team at SF Plastic Surgeon has recently acquired a leading technology for tattoo treatment that is referred to as the Quanta Q Plus C ‘tattoo remov-al system’. A 3-wavelength laser that is designed to diminish almost all col-ors of decorative and amateur tattoos, the Quanta Q works by passing through the top layers of the skin, absorbing pigment very efficiently. With the Quanta Q laser, pigments are broken up into smaller particles and ab-sorbed by the body’s own immune system.

The wave in plastic surgery in the San Francisco area has turned to more natural treatments and non-surgical procedures, since clients are discover-ing how effective new technology has become. In the past, it was not possi-ble to obtain the kind of results that can be achieved with today’s treat-ments. Consider a few of the non-surgical options available from SF Plastic Surgeon:

- Laser Tattoo Treatment with the Quanta Q laser, at the hands of the highly experienced and skilled Dr. Javaheri and his team.

- Laser Hair Treatment, a safe, gentle, long-lasting solution to diminishing unwanted hair. Imagine the feeling of freedom of leaving your razor behind!

- IPL Photo Rejuvenation, a very safe, non-invasive treatment that can im-prove skin damage, leaving behind a healthy, more youthful appearance. IPL Photo Rejuvenation is designed for the fact, neck and chest.

- Acne treatment, through a multi-step approach, designed to target the four difficult areas of the skin, fighting acne and restoring the skin to its fresh, natural and smooth state.

- Chemical peels for brightening and retexturing the skin, resulting in a fresh, new look. Chemical peels can deliver a more even color tone to the face, neck and chest.

- Dermal fillers, a great new non-surgical option for wrinkles, as well as for adding fullness to the cheeks and lips.

Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Javeheri today by calling 415-923-3800. You’ll find Dr. Javaheri to be a professional and highly skilled plastic surgeon in the San Francisco area, dedicated to providing excellence in plastic surgery and in helping to guide his clients in recapturing what has been lost in time. In essence, his goal is to help you look as young as you feel.

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