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Medical Lab Technician Certification Los Angeles

You can register for your Medical Lab Technician Certification in Los Angeles online at Regan Career Institute and get the training you need to get your career on track. Available training programs in California for Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians cost less than you may think and take just 12-14 months to complete. If you’re ready to get serious about your future, you’ll find our classes a convenient and affordable way to get certified for MLT.

What is an MLT?

A Medical Lab Tech performs clinical lab testing when scientific information is required to make a diagnosis, offer a prognosis, or treat disease. One thing is for certain, with a career as a Medical Lab Technician, your work will never get dull or boring. You’ll have exclusive access to high-tech equipment and instruments and ever-changing technology that will enhance your work. It sounds like you’ll need to spend years in school, but the fact is, our course at RCI takes less than 14 months to complete.

How Can I Get My Medical Lab Technician Certification in Los Angeles?

Regan Career Institute has classes available right now during evenings and weekends. You’ll earn your AAS Degree in Medical Laboratory Technician, which will qualify you for your CA MLT license. If you have questions, you’ll find a wealth of information available on our website when you click the ‘Courses’ link and select Medical Lab Technician from the menu. Our staff is also available to answer your questions by phone. Call or connect with us if you’re looking for more information about:

  • Clinical Laboratory Scientist Certificate
  • Our MLT Program
  • Laboratory Training Programs

How Much Do Medical Laboratory Technicians Make?

As an MLT, you’ll start your career making an average of $42,000 - $62,000 per year, an exceptional salary considering the short time-frame to train for your certification. Consider your MLT license a stepping stone to another career choice or enjoy the many perks and benefits that come with your job title. If you’re on the fence about a career as an MLT, consider reading through our FAQs section online at Regan Career Institute. Some of the information you’ll find on our site includes answers to the following questions:

  • What Do MLTs Do?
  • What is a Career Like as an MLT?
  • Is the RCI Course an Approved MLT Course by the State of CA?
  • Is This Course Accredited? (Yes, it is!)
  • Can International Students Enroll in the MLT Course?
  • How Can I Apply to Get My MLT License?
  • How Can I Get my medical Lab Technician Certification in Los Angeles?

If you’re considering a career as a Medical Lab Tech, don’t wait to get started- classes at RCI are affordable and flexible, so you can get the training you need in the evenings and weekends. The greatest benefit of becoming an MLT is that you’ll earn a very nice wage and will be able to pay your own way in the world. There’s never been a better time to study for your Medical Lab Technician Certification in Los Angeles- get started today. Register online or call our staff at 626-455-0312.

Medical Lab Technician Certification Los Angeles

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