Our company is all about art. We want to spread ideas and offer services to help you get the tattoo (or tattoos) of your dreams. Our website is designed to showcase all various types of designs and styles to inspire your tattoo adventure. We showcase all our styles, designs, and categories to show how many different options you truly have and to help you decide on what you truly want. Tattoos are permanent so it is important to make sure that you are getting something that you love. Inkgeeks became an organization in 2013. The goal of the site is to connect clients with tattoo artists who can provide the services that they require. We simply provide clients with a tattoo portfolio and a way to contact their chosen artist. If you are interested in seeing more tattoo ideas and inspiration you should follow our Inkgeekstattoo IG.

Check out our style categories like Black-and-grey is a style of tattooing that uses only black ink in varying shades and typically uses a single needle. Color realism tattoos are a stunning example of artistry that’s packed with rich color to make the tattoo come alive.

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InkGeeks LLC, was established in 2013 for purpose of facilitating the connection between tattoo artists and clients.

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