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Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop Dance
Hip hop dance culture has been around since the 1970s, but it really came to life as a form of cultural street expression in the 1980s. Today, hip hop dance is popular just about everywhere. You see dancers doing funky and exciting street moves on television shows and in big Las Vegas productions. Kevin Andrews has created a comprehensive dance curriculum you won't find anywhere else.

As far as the ancient origins of hip hop dance, there are many theories. Old school DJ Clive "Kool Herc" Campbell is usually credited with influencing the young hip hop dance culture in the Bronx, New York after moving there from Jamaica at the age of thirteen. DJ Herc would hook up portable ghetto blasters, or boom boxes, to utility company power lines at public basketball courts and at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue. This address is commonly accepted as the birthplace of hip hop dance culture as we know and love it today. DJ Herc started calling the young people who danced to his improvised beats and samples 'beat boys' and 'beat girls', or B Boys and B Girls. That affectionate term remains with hip hop dance culture to this day.

If you are a dance instructor who is as enchanted with hip hop dance as we are, you are going to absolutely appreciate the dance curriculum that we offer to you today. Master dance choreographer Kevin Andrews has compiled his remarkable knowledge of hip hop dance into an exciting and very learnable hip hop dance curriculum. With this curriculum, which is available on bound paper, as a computer program or an iPhone application, you can teach students of all ages and abilities the right way to do hip hop dance. The premium edition of our dance curriculum contains more than two hundred dance moves and unlimited dance formations which can be combined in an endless number of exciting dance routines.
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