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Drug Rehab California

Drug Rehab California

Why Drug Rehab In California Pays More Attention To Depression

Depression is an illness caused by sudden changes in the chemistry of the brain. These changes lead to a perpetual pessimistic sense of hopelessness. Once this sets in, the patient begins to see things from the negative perspective. And at the critical level, the patient ceases to see any reason to stay alive as things will only get worse.

This condition is one of the commonest causes of suicide. It is also what makes drug rehab in California unsuccessful. Any drug rehab in California that can successfully curb depression already has higher chances of success.

On the other hand, if your loved one’s drug rehab in California does not fully curb its concomitant depression, relapse may be imminent. This is why drug rehab centers pay special attention to depression.

All these negative thoughts establish themselves in the head of the patient. Unfortunately, things are not usually half as bad as a depressed person sees them. The commonest factors that contribute to depression are perpetual unpleasant circumstances, bereavement, stress, certain illnesses, sudden changes in hormone levels and genetics.

There are several kinds of depression. There is bipolar depression and postpartum depression.

Bipolar depression

This is the commonest kind of depression. It causes serious sudden shifts in thinking, mood, energy and behavior. It causes a sudden shift from the highest energy level to the lowest depression level. This cycle can runs for days, weeks or even months depending on how serious it is.

Postpartum depression

This is also known as postnatal depression. This is the kind of depression that occurs after childbirth. Its common symptoms are irritability, anxiety, reduced desire for sex, lack of appetite and general sadness.

General symptoms of depression

Symptoms of depression can be divided into four groups – feelings, thoughts, behaviors and physical problems


A depression patient usually feels sad all the time. This continuous sadness is caused by having a sense of hopelessness or guilt or both. He becomes irritable and gets angry at inconsequential things. Most importantly, he loses interest in spending time with friends, colleagues and even family. He stops engaging in all social activities. He may resort to alcoholism.


Anybody suffering from depression will have trouble putting his thoughts together. He can’t concentrate on anything, not even to watch a movie. He finds it difficult to make decisions on his own. No event registers on his mind so he suffers serious memory loss. He begins to see things that are not really there. This is where it gets serious. When any depressed person begins to see things, the next thing is to begin to see certain relief and comfort in death. You already know what might happen next. This is why depressed people should never be left alone, not even for once.

Change in behavior

He loses his sense of commitment, so he stops going to school or work. He begins to withdraw from people generally. He will rather be alone, talking to himself. Apart from alcohol, the effort to get temporary relief can make him opt for hard drugs.

Physical problems

He loses interest in sex and begins to have sexual problems. He could also experience a weight gain or weight loss. A good sign is a protracted loss of appetite without any good reason. He also experiences continuous tiredness and general lack of energy.


Drug Rehab California

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