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Drug Rehab Az

Drug Rehab Az

Drug abuse is one of the most devastating and life-threatening problems our society currently faces. As a result, treatment centers focusing on such issues appeared. Soul Surgery is one of the premiere leaders in this field, a testament to our quality services and efforts on drug rehab in AZ.

How do we treat drug addiction?

First and foremost, we provide comfortable housing for our patients with more severe conditions. The comfortable and peaceful environment assists their swift recovery and recuperation. It also eases their minds and souls, giving more power to the treatment itself. Check our inpatient or residential treatment programs to find out more.

As for the exact scheme of our drug rehab treatment, it is quite simple. We utilize one or all of the following programs:

  • MedSpa Holistic Treatment
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Psychotherapy
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Professional Counseling
  • Twelve-step Method
  • Bio Feedback

Efficient holistic treatment

Because we understand the importance of a healthy mind, besides our medication-based treatment, we also provide holistic and health-related schedules. While some of them are mandatory and others optional, none are useless. We focus on building up your confidence and mental stability so that you respond better to our medication treatment.

For co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis, your psychological stability is critical. Whether you are partially impaired or merely suffering from severe anxiety due to withdrawal, we will do our best to heal all of it. After years of doing this, we have always achieved the best results even in the worst circumstances. This is because our drug rehab in AZ seamlessly combines the scientific benefits of modern medicine with the spiritual advantages of holistic treatments. 

Rehabilitation for drug abuse

When it comes to drug abuse, the immediate dangers to your health are the most dangerous factors we have to deal with. However, we shouldn’t overlook the psychological scarring that can appear with withdrawal. Sometimes, these mental issues are even more severe than the drugs themselves.

To solve both problems, we have come up with an encompassing treatment that cure afflictions of both body and mind – Sober Living. An alcoholic or a drug addict behave the same way, alcohol being a drug in and of itself. The treatment is similar in most respects, with medication and holistic programs included. Enter our rehabilitation program, and you will walk out a changed person - no drug addiction, no withdrawal symptoms.

Is rehab necessary for drug abuse?

In our experience, 99% of those coming to our center have afflictions ranging from light to severe, and none of them can quit on their own. They require professional assistance immediately.

After treating so many patients, we, at Soul Surgery, have strengthened our premises even more – it’s much harder to get rid of addiction by yourself. With professional assistance, it’s simplicity itself. You only have to completely follow the treatment that our drug rehab in AZ provides and your life will change forever.

Drug Rehab Az
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