Two Ravens

Two Ravens is a black and grey tattoo artist based out of East Los Angeles, California with 9 years of tattooing experience although he's been tattooing professionally for 6 years. He apprenticed under Pewee at the late Old no.13 Tattoo shop from 2010-2012. As native to the so called "American SouthWest" (Opata Nation) he currently focuses on black and grey source materials that are indigenous to the so-called "Americas". Two aspires to be a link in the chain of indigenous tattoo preservation and resurgence while simultaneously practicing and creating contemporary native imagery. Aside from indigenous source materials he enjoys practicing black and grey on a full spectrum ranging from comic book style art to abstract realism. Sacred Art Tattoo Studio in downtown L.A. Is where he calls home, you can get in get touch with him at 

Sacred Art LA
Address: Private Professional Studio located at 453 s. Spring st Los Angeles, CA 90013.