Chauncey Kochel (CK)

Chauncey began following his art passions in other mediums, including painting, sculpting and most notably tattooing in 2008. After finishing his tattoo apprenticeship under Joe Moak, he began to excel in the body art industry. Winning several awards in his first year and being highlighted several publications in the process. He has gone on to tattoo many reality TV stars and rockstars such as Russell and Brandon Hantz from the CBS hit show Survivor as well as Jonathan Montoya of Saliva and touring guitarist for famed hip hop artist Eminem. He also showed that he is a well-rounded graphic artist, designing art for the popular gulf coast clothing line Saltwater Soul as well as many other smaller designers. During his tattoo career he has co-founded the Texas Ink and Art Tattoo Expo, the largest tattoo event on the Texas Gulf Coast.



Address: 1021 61st St suite 700b, Galveston, TX 77551     

Phone number: (409) 497-4703